Tuesday, 7 March 2017

8 Top Tips for Writers - What Matters Most? You do!

Eight Top Tips
  1. Trust in yourself to stay on track and reach your goal, even if you don’t know exactly how you’ll get there.
  2. Find out what works for you and be prepared to use a little cunning – so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be different.  Don’t be too hard on yourself either, make allowances for yourself in the same way as you would for another person.
  4. Know that you're worth it. If you’re lucky enough to receive some feedback from the editor rejecting your work, be grateful for it and use it if you can.  If the editor has taken time to comment, s/he clearly thinks you’re worth it.  Always take constructive criticism on board provided it is from an informed and impersonal source. 
  5. Ignore envious comments from those who feel threatened.
  6. Rejection is not personal.  It is for this particular piece of work at this particular time for this particular publication.  If you suspect your piece needs work, have it analysed by an expert.  If you’re happy with it, try somewhere else.  Most of all, keep going.
  7. Don’t be afraid of peaks and troughs.  Writing’s like that, at least for most of us.  Imagine how boring Coronation Street would become if there was a murder in every single episode.  It’s during the ‘lows’ that you most need to stay focussed.
  8. Enjoy your writing. 

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