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Paranormal Eastbourne

Paranormal Eastbourne
Review by Lionel Fanthorpe, President of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena – and a celebrity priest
Monday, 04 July 2011.
Paranormal Eastbourne by Janet Cameron, Published by Amberley Books PLC.

Paranormal Eastbourne is everything the discerning reader would expect from an author of Janet Cameron's ability and experience. A retired Creative Writing lecturer at Kent University, Janet has certainly made the most of the many paranormal reports from the Eastbourne area.

We were particularly interested in her fascinating account of our friend, K.J. Taglisferro and his amazing haunted Ford Capri with the numberplate ARK 666Y. When filming our TV series Fortean TV for Channel Four, I actually drove it through Eastbourne and in the vicinity of Beachy Head, without mishap. On that occasion, whoever or whatever had been "haunting" it, didn't seem to want to take on an ordained Priest who was also regarded as a very experienced and formidable exorcist. On a later occasion,working for another TV company, I was asked to exorcise the car again. I did.

By this time in its history, just as Janet suggests in Paranormal Eastbourne the car had somehow become associated with Aleistar Crowley's restless spirit. He died at Netherwood, not far from Eastbourne, on December 1st 1947 when he was 72. On my way home to Cardiff from Paddington, the train juddered to a halt near Reading, after vandals threw logs on the line, almost causing a de-railment. I finally reached Cardiff at 4 in the morning. I have often wondered, half-humourously, if Crowley threw me out of my train because I threw him out of his car! Janet's account of that infamous haunted Capri is one of the best pieces in her excellent book.

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